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Why Hartpury Student Accommodation with Livery is a great deal for the discerning student

| Accommodation in the Forest of Dean | April 12, 2012

Hartpury is a college offering wide range of programs and it has a vibrant community, including many international students, from over 30 countries. If you are a Hartpury student, chances are you will need Hartpury student accommodation for the entire period of your studies. On-campus Hartpury accommodation is not always available for third year students. One of the best choices you have in the area therefore is the Southview Farm, which is located just 9 minutes’ drive away from Hartpury College.

Southview Farm is an excellent choice for the discerning student who loves nature and a peaceful environment for studying. There are also more benefits to getting Hartpury College Student Accommodation at the Southview Farm. Perhaps one of the most significant of them is the low cost of accommodation here as compared with other options you have on or off campus.

Getting student accommodation at the Southview Farm will also offer you the opportunity to do something that most students may wish for but cannot consider due to campus restrictions. As the farm has a 60 x 20 manege and excellent large stables,, you can bring your own horse if you like. This is a wonderful possibility for those who enjoy relaxing on their free time by riding their horse. A horse walker is also available and taking into account the fact that the owner lives on site, there is absolutely no need to worry about the safety of your beloved animal or tack.

Southview Farm is located near the villge of Redmarley D’Abitot and it offers all the amenities and facilities you may need during your stay here. Some of the facilities include free Wi-Fi, central heating, TV license included in the price of the accommodation, electricity included, shower room, separate lounge for students and parking. The kitchen is well-equipped with everything you may need for your student culinary adventures, including a fridge, freezer, cooker and microwave. Laundry issues are also taken care of, as students get access to a washing machine and dryer.

Opting for Hartpury student accommodation at the Southview Farm is an excellent choice for students who are not willing to live on campus and who would prefer a quieter life instead. The farm has been rented over the years by plenty of final year students who needed a peaceful place surrounded by nature to help them concentrate on their studies. This kind of Hartpury college student accommodation is also ideal for mature students or for those who are studying for their Masters or PhD.

Regardless of the course you choose to study at Hartpury College, it would be wise not to leave the problem of accommodation to the last minute. Think about your personal needs and lifestyle and choose your Hartpury College student accommodation accordingly.

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